Bun 2 Babe

Routines and Strategies for Nurturing Your Baby, Pregnancy through Age Two: A Personal and Informative Guide from a Mother of Four
  • The perfect book for expecting mothers!

The perfect book for expecting mothers!

You’re expecting! Congratulations…and welcome to a seemingly endless string of choices: Doctor or midwife? Home or hospital birth? All natural or epidural? Cloth or disposable diapers? Breast-feeding or formula?

Now take a deep breath. Modern motherhood is full of possibilities and Bun 2 Babe is here to help you navigate your options. While there are numerous parenting books available, not many present firsthand accounts of multiple methods in a noncompetitive way. After having four children herself, author Charlotte Ryan, B.Sc. Hon., B.Ed., MA, knows from experience that what is right for one mother or child is not necessarily best for another.

Personal, practical, and at times downright hilarious, Bun 2 Babe guides you from pregnancy through raising a toddler with helpful advice and strategies pertinent to each stage. Discover what’s available, from birth choices to child-care options, so you can make an informed decision that fits your baby and your situation. Your baby is lucky to have you—you’re going to be a great mom!

  • Motherhood can be challenging

Motherhood can be challenging

Motherhood is messy,intense,challenging.. and absolutely wonderful! Enjoy your journey and make it easier by reading Bun 2 Babe


  • Topics Covered in Bun 2 Babe

Topics Covered in Bun 2 Babe

  • Timeline from pregnancy through age 2 with all major milestones and stages
  • Checklists:
    • What to buy
    • pregnancy dos and don’ts
    • what to do with fussy baby
    • interview questions for hiring a nanny
    • housekeeping tips for busy moms
  • Decision making charts:
    • birth options
      • home birth vs hospital
      • cesarean section vs vaginal
      • epidural vs non-medicated
    • cloth vs. disposable diapers
    • childcare options
      • nanny
      • home day care
      • day care center
      • Montessori Private School
  • How-To Guides:
    • breast feeding
    • formula feeding
    • breast & bottle feeding
    • care for your body after birth
    • bathing baby
    • solid foods
    • train Baby to sleep through the night
    • communicate with Baby using sign language
    • treat diaper rash
    • prevent and treat mastitis (breast infections)
    • care for sick Baby
    • care for teething Baby
    • wean Baby
    • handle a toddler having tantrums
    • potty train
    • transition to big kid bed
  • More information on
    • hospital stay
    • pacifiers- yes or no?
    • schedules and routines
    • traveling with Baby
    • rules
    • making strange
    • co-sleeping vs crib sleeping
    • miscarriage
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    M. Castle



    My go-to resource

    As a first time mom-to-be, I made Bun 2 Babe my go-to resource. I even took it with me to the baby store when I registered, referred to it when considering bottle-feeding or breast-feeding (or both) and used it to put together my birth plan. While other books provide a litany of advice but are short on practical, tried-tested-and-true tips,this book is different because it is written by a clearly dedicated, smart mom of four whose children are still young, so the information is so relevant. Whereas other books offer an encyclopedia of clinical and medical ideas (which have their places, of course), this personal, in-the-trenches account offers down-to-earth, thoughtful, and endearing guidance—the author becomes the wise friend you can turn to as you experience all these firsts. I can’t recommend it highly enough for moms-to-be!

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    E. Chan



    This is the only book that I laughed and cried just in the foreword!

Bun 2 Babe

Routines and Strategies for Nurturing Your Baby, Pregnancy through Age Two: A Personal and Informative Guide from a Mother of Four


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