Q. My toddler won’t sleep through the night! She wakes up crying for me many times a night. I spend more time sleeping in her bed than mine, and I’m completely exhausted during the day at work. Help!

A. Your daughter needs to be sleep-trained. It requires consistent, firm routines, and yes you will have to let her cry (a bit). Thorough sleep training, while emotionally difficult, is necessary to train your toddler to sleep through the night. This training will take only 1-2 weeks (it takes longer the older your baby/toddler is), but it will provide a life-long practice of good sleeping for your child. Please see my complete sleep-training program in Bun 2 Babe.

Q. I am a few months pregnant, and am totally overwhelmed when I step into a baby supplies store. What do I need to buy? Are all these items necessary? I’m on a budget and can’t fathom purchasing all of these things. What are the key items I need to prepare my home for a new baby?

A. Yes, it is totally overwhelming at first! You will need a lot of supplies. The key ones are: nursing pillow, high chair, car seat, infant carrier, and crib. For a complete list of the items you need and will appreciate, and for a list of items I don’t recommend buying, please see: Bun 2 Babe.

Q. Should my baby use a pacifier?

A. If you are breastfeeding, then a pacifier is not necessary. If you are formula feeding your baby, then your baby will most likely benefit from a pacifier to get the extra sucking. While there are issues with the pacifier, it can be helpful for certain situations. Please see Bun 2 Babe for more information on this debate.

Q. How do you teach a baby sign language? Does it really work?

A. Teaching your baby sign is actually very simple. You only need to teach a small number of signs to facilitate communication between you and your baby. (Milk, more, change and done are a few of the key signs I used). Yes! It really works, and it is so miraculous to observe and participate in. I highly recommend doing sign language with your baby. It provides you with an avenue to communicate with your baby well before they are able to speak. For a complete baby sign language program, please see Bun 2 Babe.



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FAQ November 9, 2015