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j-4iw3cwJtLj5lJXP807KwNy6X4EcBHr7azyZbKkIcgCongrats to you on your journey, I hope the contents of my book will be a comfort and friend you can lean on throughout your adventure!

1 It All Begins
2 The Time Line
3 Pregnancy
4 Miscarriage
5 New Baby, New Lifestyle: Prepare for a Change
6 The Gear
7 Doctor or Midwife?
8 Home Birth
9 Birth Options: C-Section vs. Vaginal; Epidural vs. No Epidural
10 Care of Your Body after Birth
11 Hospital Stay
12 Home from the Hospital
13 Breastfeeding
14 Pumping Breast Milk
15 Offering a Bottle to a Breastfed Baby
16 Bottle- and Breastfeeding Together
17 Formula-Feeding
18 The Pacifier Debate
19 Diapering Baby
20 Cosleeping versus Crib Sleeping
21 Putting Baby to Sleep
22 Bathing Baby
23 Fussy Baby
24 Sick Baby
25 Baby Sign Language
26 Making Strange
27 Teething and Caring for Baby Teeth
28 Solid Foods
29 Sleep Training
30 Babyproofing Your House
31 Weaning the Baby
32 Day Care vs. Nanny
33 Going from One to Two
34 Potty Training
35 Transition to the Big-Kid Bed
36 Temper Tantrums
37 Schedules and Routines
38 Housekeeping Tips for Busy Moms and Dads
39 A Note for Worrying Moms
40 Rules at Our House
41 Top Ten Things You Never Thought You Would Enjoy before You Had Babies
42 Other Useful Tips
43 List of Funny Quotes from My Family Used in This Book
44 Bun 2 Babe: The Soundtrack
45 Quoted Experts
46 References


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents November 10, 2015